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Content Format Protection

Do you have questions about protecting digital downloads or Blu-Ray discs?

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Studios’ most valuable assets are the movies and television shows that consumers love. With only one in ten productions making money, the successful titles are very valuable. By protecting their most valuable content, studios can increase their revenue by removing the opportunity for consumers to obtain highly sought-after titles through pirate methods.

We provide state-of-the-art content protection and forensic capabilities for high quality digital downloads and Blu-ray discs. Irdeto Content Format Protection deters pirates by making it more difficult to rip content. By extending the piracy-free window, studios are able to increase their revenue potential.

Content Format Protection: increasing studio revenue by protecting the most valuable content

Extending the piracy-free period: Protection of physical discs, using the state-of-the-art Irdeto technology BD+ and BD+ 2.0 (UHD), helps secure the studio’s content. Content that is protected with our technology takes longer to hack, which makes piracy more difficult. Because the value of the content is increased by extending the piracy-free period during the critical high-value window (which is street date plus 30 days), studios are able to generate more revenue.

Providing actionable forensics: Irdeto Content Format Protection not only secures the high-value content but also provides essential forensic information. Actionable forensics enable the content owner to pinpoint the breach down to the device level, if needed. This means it is possible to take the necessary action for that specific device and not impact the rest of the consumer base. With these insight and mitigation capabilities, studios have the confidence to launch premium content globally, even in high-piracy areas.

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