Below is a listing of Irdeto partners for Connected Transport:

Tata Elxsi addresses diverse industries like automotive, communication and consumer products, healthcare, semiconductors and industrial design. With more than 20 years of working experience with automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, tool vendors and semiconductor companies, Tata Elxsi is the preferred partner for system design in automotive product development. Irdeto works with Tata Elxsi by enabling Irdeto’s cyber security solutions for Tata Elxsi’s design engineering needs. Tata Elxsi is working on V2X, Connected Cars, and ADAS technologies, providing design engineering services to end customers.

Xiaopeng Motors, established in the middle of 2014, kicked off the core systems development of internet-car with an initial focus on the R&D for the core technologies of electric drive system and intelligent system including motors, battery, electrical control system and central touchscreen, etc. With the vision of “to build an internet car loved by youngsters “, Xiaopeng Motors is committed to change the way people using, updating and maintaining their cars with our cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs and subversive business models. Our team started up styling design and vehicle development at the beginning of 2015, and finalized the styling design at the end of 2015. The engineering work was finalized at the end of 2016 and the 1st Xiaopeng vehicle for sale is expected to be ready in 2017.

SafeRide is a leading provider of anomaly uncovering and cyber threat prevention solution for connected and autonomous vehicles. In addition to conventional threat detection and prevention, the company’s unique software uses an AI machine-learning and deep learning framework to analyze the untapped ocean of hints that lie in seemingly disconnected sources of in-vehicle data, to uncover unknown anomalies, threats and insights systematically, and at scale.

SafeRide provides automotive vendors including Tier 1 Suppliers and OEMs with the means to lead the connected vehicle revolution and the freedom to develop differentiated vehicle value-add applications with complete peace of mind.

DSA is the leader in the development of innovative and customer-specific communication solutions for vehicle electronics. Whether in vehicle development, production, after-sales or the field of vehicle connectivity—the modular and flexible solutions support processes during the entire vehicle life cycle with a maximum focus on connectivity and digitalization. DSA’s extensive domain knowledge helps provide the most efficient data analysis and visualization tools to improve the reliability and quality of the vehicles.

As a leader in cloud, advanced analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Microsoft is empowering automotive manufacturers (OEMs), Tier one suppliers and our ecosystem partners in the automotive industry to achieve more through digital transformation. Microsoft is the only technology partner that brings together a globally scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, strong data analytics capabilities, productivity tools, and a partner ecosystem into an agile platform that provides total flexibility and control, allowing partners to build differentiated, brand-specific connected vehicle solutions.

ACCESS provides embedded solutions that are integrated with automotive human-machine-interfaces (HMI), device management, dashboard and multimedia systems. ACCESS’ solutions offer car manufacturers and tier-one suppliers the added confidence of deploying market proven technologies that deliver interactive content in resource constrained environments.

From providing the IP for the chip to delivering the cloud services that allow organizations to securely manage the deployment of products throughout their lifecycle, Arm delivers a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution for our partners and customers. In automotive, Arm partners offer technologies which can service the compute needs for the whole car, including advanced driver assistance and autonomous systems, provide solutions for silicon and software, facilitating efficient development of automotive solutions.

NMFTA conducts and sponsors research into heavy vehicle cyber security in various forms including direct sponsorship and through student research programs such as the Cyber Truck Experience program with the University of Tulsa. These research projects seek to develop benchmarks from which cyber security threats can be identified and mitigated as well as help develop the human resource talents needed to address this issue in the long term. NMFTA also partners with other entities including various government agencies and private sector companies to help create best practices, educate, and build awareness of heavy vehicle cyber security issues.

Industry Alliances

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a Linux Foundation Workgroup dedicated to creating open source software solutions for automotive applications. Although the initial target for AGL is In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems, additional use cases such as instrument clusters and telematics systems will eventually be supported. AGL has participants from the Automotive, Communications, and Semiconductor Industries and welcomes contributions from individual developers.

GENIVI® is a nonprofit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of specified, open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software. The alliance develops an open standard for aligning automotive and consumer infotainment cycles. Their work results in shortened development cycles, faster time to market, and reduced costs for companies developing IVI software.

The CCC is dedicated to cross-industry collaboration in developing global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. The organization’s 75 plus members represent more than 70 percent of the world’s auto market, more than 60 percent of the global smartphone market and a who’s who of aftermarket consumer electronics vendors. Besides MirrorLink®, the CCC portfolio of technologies includes Digital Key and Car Data.

Digital Key will enable consumers to conveniently lock/unlock their vehicle and start their engine using their smart devices.  Advanced key provisioning and sharing will also be supported.  And Car Data will connect consumers to service providers who will offer tailored vehicular services enhanced by vehicle data. Car Data builds ecosystems for services such as usage-based insurance, diagnostic, driver health/behavior monitoring, ride hailing and sharing etc. CCC members include a majority of the world’s auto and smartphone manufacturers, along with a who’s who of aftermarket consumer electronics vendors.

JASPAR was established in order to pursue increasing development efficiency and ensuring reliability, by standardization and common use of electronic control system software and in-vehicle network which are advancing and complexing.

Engineers from various industries such as Car manufacturers,Electrical equipment suppliers,Semiconductor/ Components manufacturers, Software/Tool developers,Trading/ Carrier and Universities/ Research institutes are working for standardization in technology area of in-vehicle network, software and cyber security standardizing organizations in Japan and overseas.

The AUTOSAR partnership is an alliance of OEM manufacturers, Tier 1 automotive suppliers, semiconductor manufactures, software suppliers, tool suppliers and others. Considering the different automotive E/E architectures in the current and future markets, the partnership established a de-facto open industry standard for an automotive software architecture. It will serve as a basic infrastructure for the management of functions within both future applications and standard software modules.

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